Hello. It's time to update the information in my personal website, KristineMeyer.org!
So, please stop by my LinkedIn page for more information about what I'm up to these days. I thank all of those who stopped by over the years and am grateful for all of the connections enabled for God's Voice Thunders (GVT) and The Raven's Delight, Co. (TRDC) and for me personally through the website. But it's time to move on, as God often does with those who seek to love and honor Him. I expect to be back in time to share the new things God is doing in my life and the current status of the initiatives I've been nurturing along the way. All in God's timing, right? In the meantime, please see my LinkedIn profile and contact information at LinkedIn.com/in/InnovativeMarketer........... Will see you there! Kristine